a womens retreat



Reveal your feminine power this Fall Equinox.

Idyllwild, Ca. September 21-23, 2018


You're invited...

...to Unearth and Awaken your empowered, expressive, sexy and fully alive Inner Goddess. 

Join us in the mountains of Idyllwild, CA to experience deep soul nourishment and transformation, immortalized in stunning professional portraits you will cherish forever.


THe Journey...


Day 1 ~ Gather

Come into sanctuary at our lovely, historic retreat space nestled in the mountains and trees of Idyllwild, CA.

Enjoy a delicious feast for all the senses while connecting with the other soul sisters joining in the journey.


Day 2 ~ Evoke

Connect deeply with your body, heart and spirit as you transmute stagnant energy and Unearth your exquisite Feminine Power.

Explore through shamanic journey, guided meditation, expressive art, organic movement, ritual and play.

Day 3 ~ Embody

Practice the art of sacred adornment for your personal photo shoot, to capture your feminine power and inner beauty.

Rest and rejuvenate on the property, or enjoy the town of Idyllwild.

Celebrate new friendships, transformation and empowerment through our final photo reveal ritual!


Journey home with the fruits of your harvest:

  • One beautifully framed image & ten high resolution digital images
  • A personal journal cataloging your experience
  • An artistic creation anchoring your Feminine Power
  • Complementary guided meditation audio to help you stay connected to the resources you discovered along the way
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Meet Your Hosts...

We've been chosen-family since sophomore year of high school (at least in this lifetime!), and know the healing power of soul sisterhood. Our vision for Unearthed was born from a mutual passion for supporting women to see and embody their unique inner and outer beauty, and ultimately to anchor a deep sense of self-love and acceptance. We are so excited to join in circle with you this Fall Equinox!


Tess Meissner, 

CCHT & Shamanic Practitioner

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and shamanic practitioner, I dynamically combine ancient and contemporary healing methods for soul exploration, excavation and transmutation! I guide individuals beyond the veil of their conscious everyday awareness, to access the deep wisdom held in their bodies, hearts, and Higher Self. 


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Jonelle Tonkin,


They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. As a photographer, the camera lens becomes an extension of my eyes, and a conduit for capturing an impression of the true essence of my subject. I get to show people the unique beauty within them that they might not see when they look in the mirror each day...



“Tess has this way where the work is both accessible and deeply transformative. I’ve done some of my most intensive healing work with her and would recommend her for anyone looking to learn a bit more about themselves. 

Jonelle captures soul in her pictures. She is able to pull heart and spirit from the eyes of her subjects and project them into gorgeous photos. She encourages one’s pure essence to shine brightly. 

I love the work of both these women and can hardly fathom the magic they are capable of co-creating!”

-Emily S



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Join Our Tribe

All inclusive package:
Epic Transformational Retreat
Two Night Stay
All Meals and Snacks

Ask about Payment Plan Options!


When booked before August 19, 2018.


Book with your own soul sister or family member and each save! 
Contact us for details!



Tess has this truly special way of drawing out my naturalness, sinking me deeper and deeper into undiscovered realms of my essence and my power.

Jonelle is the queen of capturing beauty and form in an open, fun, and 100% collaborative way.

Putting these two resources together is like gold. 

-Rebecca R.


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